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Cognito - In the News March 3rd 2016

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Top financial news headlines: Federal Reserve beige book shows US economy is growing, US regulators and Congress discuss municipal bonds as "high quality liquid assets," Argentina looks to issue $15 billion in new bonds, Goldman Sachs declines to participate in Russia's $3 billion bond issuance.

News Stories

FT - Argentina Nears $15bn Bond Issue in Return to Capital Markets

WSJ - Washington Battles Over Munis: Safe or Hard to Sell?

WSJ - Goldman Likely to Drop Bid on Russian Bond Deal Following U.S. Pressure, Sources Say

NYT - Fed Reports Economy Expanded in Most of U.S.

NYT - New Tremors in High Finance Rattle Foundation of Postcrisis Regulations 

WSJ - After 15 Years, a Bond Trade Now Pays Off 

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