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Cognito - In the News March 8th 2016

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Top financial news headlines on March 8, 2016: commodity markets surged as oil rose to above $40 per barrel and iron ore was up 20%, the US may be seeing the first stirrings of inflation, lawmakers are studying the impact of financial regulations on the economy, Wall Street bonus were down 9% last year, FINRA is looking at employee subculture in financial firms and FinTech companies could see greater regulatory scrutiny.

News Stories

Reuters - Regulators play waiting game as financial technology evolves

WSJ - Policy makers defend post crisis financial regulation


FT - Fed’s Fischer sees ‘first stirrings’ of rising inflation 


FT - Trend-following hedge fund strategies lead performance in 2016 


FT - Oil and iron ore surge points to new mood


FT - New regulations take toll on Wall Street bonuses 


NYT - RBS loses FINRA arbitration over firing

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