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2016 FinTech Networking and Conference Guide

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FinTech is off to an exciting start in 2016 and accompanied by more and more notable FinTech conferences. To help our fellow FinTech fans navigate the many conferences available to attend, we’ve compiled a list that you will want to check out to stay ahead of FinTech industry trends.



March 29-30, New York

Fall TBD, San Francisco

This is one of our favorites. Thrilled we don’t have to wait all year for it to come! Innovative leaders in the FinTech community such as VentureBeat, BlackRock and Wells Fargo will be sponsoring this year’s FinDEVR. This dual tracked fast-paced conference will assemble over 600 builders and engineers that shape the FinTech industry. Presentations will showcase new tools, platforms, APIs or case studies from FinTech leaders. 

LendIt USA

April 11-12, San Francisco

We are excited to be going to LendIt USA this year! This conference is the global center for the online lending community and brings together the leading lending platforms, investors, and service providers to promote best practice, new learnings and networking opportunities.

LendIt hosts three conferences annually: LendIt USA, LendIt Europe, and LendIt China.


Money 20/20 Europe

April 4-7, Copenhagen 

As if going to Copenhagen isn’t good enough of a reason, this event brings together European innovators focused on disrupting how consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. Make sure not to miss this one, like its U.S. counterpart, the most innovative finance trends are sure to come out of this conference. 


Empire Startups FinTech Conference

April 26, New York

November TBD, San Francisco

The only thing cooler than this conference is its founder Jon Zanoff. Empire Startups attracts hundreds of FinTech entrepreneurs, start-ups and FinTech groupies to demo products, participate in panels, and speak about how they are impacting the FinTech space.  



May 10-11, San Jose

September 8-9, New York

The first, and one of the largest, demo-focused conference series dedicated exclusively to showcasing the best and most innovative new financial and banking technologies. You won’t want to miss out, with 3 main events throughout the year, the Finovate conferences consistently attract large, high-impact audiences composed of senior financial and banking executives. Following its debut event in New York in 2007, Finovate expanded to San Francisco in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012 and in 2014 launched its FinTech developer-focused series, FinDEVr.  


Finextra Future Money Nordics

October 11, Helskinki

Finextra Future Money aims to drive the conversation on the digital revolution of financial services. A two-day conference in Helsinki going on its third year, will focus on topics including: Commerce, Apps, New Market Entrants and Commercial and Corporate Banking innovation. With the attendee list of numerous high profile banks and innovative startups, this year’s Finextra Future Money is a must attend for 2016. 


Money 20/20

October 23-26, Las Vegas

Money 20/20 is the it event for all things finance and FinTech. This is the world’s largest payments and financial services conference and each year the best and most exciting banking and payment trends start here. The event specifically focuses on connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. 


The Third Annual Crowdfund Global Expo


A deep dive into the innovation occurring within the FinTech industry, with new data releases, a press conference for lending FinTech analysts and reporters, special sessions devoted to retail investors and much more. This event brings together start-ups and established leaders within the burgeoning FinTech industry from the U.S. while also introducing groundbreaking international companies who serve some of the largest markets in the world. 

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