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Cognito - In the News March 10th 2016

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Top financial news headlines on March 10: Nasdaq acquiring ISE & a larger stake in the Options Clearing Corporation, European Central Bank lowering rates, US banks are building balance sheets to prepare for higher interest rates, rising stock prices may trigger the "Yellen Call" as the Federal Reserve considers raising rates and US mutual funds battle against new SEC regulations aimed at making it easier for investors to sell shares.

News Stories

NYTimes - Nasdaq to Buy International Securities Exchange

WSJ - Forget the ‘Greenspan Put’; Fear the ‘Yellen Call’ 

WSJ - How Big Banks Have Prepared for Higher Rates 

FT - Senior European bankers voice concerns over ECB cut  

NYTimes - European Central Bank Is Expected to Move Against Deflation

NYTimes - Mutual Funds Resist S.E.C. Plan to Pump Up Buffer Against Cash Flight

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