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Cognito - In the News March 14th 2016

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Top financial news for March 14: central banks announce interest rate decisions this week, Federal Reserve looks to hold interest rates steady but an increase may come later this year, emerging markets have now issued $25 billion in new debt this year, CB Insights Top 100 Venture Capital investors is out, and FinTech institutions are changing the way banks lend money.

News Stories

NYTimes - Morning Agenda: Start-Up Investors Are Not Waiting for Growth

NYTimes - Top Start-Up Investors Are Betting on Growth, Not Waiting for It

NY Times - The Top 20 Venture Capital Investors Worldwide

NYTimes - Fed’s Plans to Raise Interest Rates Are Delayed, Not Derailed

WSJ - ECB’s Cheap Loans Show Rift Among Europe’s Banks 

WSJ - Back From the Dead: Interest-Rate Hikes Are Getting Priced in Again 

WSJ - The Coffee-Break Loan: Business Owners Promised Money in Five Minutes 

FT - Bond markets reopen for EM borrowers

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