Internships and Graduate Programs

Graduate Training

At Cognito, we’re very proud of our graduate training program. All graduates joining Cognito receive intensive industry and best practice training, as well as on-the-job experience to ensure that they develop their skills as fully as possible.

The program is structured to help candidates develop a real depth of knowledge and experience, acquiring competencies across a broad range of key skills and subject areas, including communications skills, organizational skills and media skills. Progress is assessed through a series of practical exercises, presentations and discussions designed to give individuals an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, as well as their understanding of industry standards and issues.

Contact our HR department to find out more about Cognito’s training and development programs.

Internships—London and New York

We are looking for bright and enthusiastic students or recent graduates to start immediately in our U.K. and New York offices for between one and three months.

We offer placements for those with experience and interest in either PR, Marketing or Design. Cognito will pay for lunch and travel expenses. To apply for any of these positions, please email your CV and cover letter to:

London Office:
Paul Bowhay (PR)

Verity Ramsden-Hare (Marketing)

New York Office:
HR Department
Michael Constantine (Design)

Singapore Office
Prista Menon (PR)

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