Day in the Life: Senior Designer - Emma Sullivan

My Job

As a Senior Designer a Cognito, I am responsible for developing all creative outputs that come out of the marketing department. I work on a variety of projects including, but not limited to: website design, company rebrands, print collateral development and infographic creation. I work with a range of clients, many of which cross over between our PR and social teams so I am able to work with several Cognitians throughout the day.

Working as a creative in b-to-b finance may not sound like every designer's dream but it provides me with extremely compelling challenges daily so I am constantly pushing myself to think outside of the box!

My Working Day

8:30 – My day typically begins a bit before I get in, I always check my email in the morning when I wake up to prepare myself for the day ahead. Luckily my phone gets cell service at my subway station so I am able to check emails along the way. I also load my LinkedIn Pulse news app on the platform so I can read the top headlines on my way into work.

8:50 – At this point I am fully caught up on email so when I arrive in the office I immediately hit the kitchen for some tea and morning sustenance. I have the loudest speakers in "creative hollow" so once I return to my desk I usually ask the team for some music suggestions to help keep us inspired.

9:15 – Our team is big on knowledge sharing so I send around any interesting or relevant articles I spotted during my commute and read through our daily marketing roundup for any relevant pieces that could be shared with clients.

9:30 – I run through the previous day’s to-do's to make sure I am all caught up on the days priorities. Our workspace is open plan so I am able to check in with the rest of the team to make sure our priorities align.

10:00 – I jump into a team meeting scheduled for us to brainstorm names for a client's latest product. Our workspace doubles as a meeting room thanks to a rolling white board so we are able to jot down our thoughts as we go.

11:00 – At this point the naming brainstorm comes to an end and I am able to get some face time with my computer to get started on an infographic for one of our RIA clients. Whenever I feel strapped for inspiration I always grab my creative director to hash out some ideas.

1:30 – By this time my brain is moving slowly due to lack of nourishment so I run across the street with a couple other coworkers to grab a salad. If the weather is nice we’ll make a lap through Battery Park to clear our heads and talk about what each other has going on.

1:45 - I run back into the office just in time for an internal regroup for one of our integrated accounts. All the meeting rooms seem to be taken so the teams grab seats in the kitchen and we discuss all the deliverables for the account and the status of each item.

2:15 – Once I’m back at my desk I get started on tweaking the mockups for a website redesign we’re working on for one of our hedge fund clients. The mockups are in final stages so I discuss some key functionality with our developer to make sure we're aligned.

3:30 – I catch up on any emails I may have missed while my head was down designing and see we have a meeting to discuss ad concepts with our head of content. The team huddles together to share ideas around an ad campaign focused on promoting a recent white paper we developed for the client.

4:15 – As the meeting wraps up, the team quickly regroups before a weekly catch up call with one of our retail banking clients.

5:30 – The call wraps up right on time so I'm able to end the day continuing logo concepts for a mutual fund who is looking to expand their reach. As I'm working on the logo designs I reference a few mood boards we presented to them in the early stages of the rebrand.

6:30 – By this time I feel comfortable with the designs I've come up with but could use some extra input so I send a few options around to the team for their initial thoughts.

6:45 – Right before I leave I see we have our monthly video conference with the UK marketing team scheduled for the following morning. During these meetings we exchange insights and discuss projects so I gather a few examples of the recent work we’ve created in the New York office to share with the UK team.

7:00 – Off to the gym!

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