Cognito is an integrated financial PR and marketing firm, specializing in financial services, FinTech, and technology. With offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong, we help firms improve their performance and manage their reputation. We provide planning, marketing, advertising, design, PR and social, together with software that delivers measurability and intelligence.

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Spotlight on the New Business Media

14 Oct 2016

THE MEDIA LANDSCAPE has changed beyond recognition. There was a time when we got our news by listening to the radio, reading the local papers, watching TV or simply chatting to friends. Now we can consume media non-stop 24/7 – whether it’s online, via social media, via mobile devices. It never stops. Titles like Quartz, Business Insider and Politico are shaking up the media market.

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Cognito Analytics offers a suite of online products that enable firms in the financial sector to improve their business through a more effective use of market, PR and competitive information.
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Tailored to the interests of communications professionals in the finance and financial technology sectors, Word of Mouth keeps readers abreast of current trends, issues and developments – as well supplying the latest news on Cognito and its clients.
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25 Oct 2016

Cognito London's Claire Rumbellow has travelled across the Atlantic to work with our colleagues in the New York office for three months. In her first 'postcard', she talks about her first month; what’s been useful practice in moving to a new market and how she's found her Big Apple experience so far.

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25 Oct 2016

Money 20/20 – Day 2 Recap Who should we trust with our data?Cognito MD Eric Hazard, is on site at Money 20/20 and sharing daily highlights throughout the conference. 

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