Cognito is an integrated financial PR and marketing firm, specializing in financial services, FinTech, and technology. With offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong, we help firms improve their performance and manage their reputation. We provide planning, marketing, advertising, design, PR and social, together with software that delivers measurability and intelligence.

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Photo for Brexit: One week after the vote

Brexit: One week after the vote

30 Jun 2016

As the Conservative leadership election gets underway in a spectacularly confused manner and the Labour leadership crisis continues, Andrew Marshall, Deputy CEO of Cognito, shares a few top-line thoughts on Brexit and its implications.

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Photo for Cognito Media Analytics

Cognito Analytics offers a suite of online products that enable firms in the financial sector to improve their business through a more effective use of market, PR and competitive information.
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Tailored to the interests of communications professionals in the finance and financial technology sectors, Word of Mouth keeps readers abreast of current trends, issues and developments – as well supplying the latest news on Cognito and its clients.
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13 Jun 2016

How the financial services community uses LinkedIn has changed dramatically in the last few years. It is no longer a hunting ground for job seekers and recruitment consultants but a brilliant channel for individuals and brands to share and engage with interesting content. 

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01 Jun 2016

In today’s world, companies have large amounts of data feeding in to their organizations at any given time. Firms are looking at data from all aspects of their business, from sales to PR and marketing to purchasing - but when is too much data too much?

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06 May 2016

Top news headlines in FinTech and financial technology. New York Times and 60 Minutes examine how FinTech is challenging the major banks. Lawmakers are looking at potential regulation of FinTech companies and online lenders form an industry group. Prosper layoffs off 28% of workforce and venture capital funds slows for FinTech. FinTech survival tips, number one: spend cautiously.

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