Expert and Speakers Bureau Services

A speaking space at a good industry conference represents an unparalleled opportunity for executives to position themselves as thought leaders in their field.

The conference landscape has seen changes in the last decade, shifting away from a merit-based system to one where commercial factors play a much greater role. That said, opportunities still exist for earned speaking spaces, and many of the same principles that were applied 10 years ago are still applicable today. A sucessful speaking engagement is about aligning a well-trained spokesperson with the right content and the right venue, all at the right time.

Cognito understands the financial conference landscape better than anyone. We have unparalleled relationships with all the major financial conference organizers and have worked with a range of clients to put their executives forward for speaking opportunities. Our services include:

  • Speaker biography production
  • Event and award database
  • Speaker training
  • Earned speaker opportunity pitching
  • Sponsor negotiation

Expert and Speakers Bureau Services Contacts

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