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Content Meets Strategy in Financial Marketing

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The brightest minds in financial services marketing recently gathered at the Thomson Reuters headquarters for Gramercy Institute’s Annual Strategy Awards. This year the ceremony was accompanied by several panel discussions exploring the power of strategy in financial marketing – a subject that falls precisely in the Cognito wheelhouse.

One theme that was pervasive throughout the event and which seems to be on every marketer’s mind these days is the ever growing need for content. As the mainstay of your marketing program, here are some key considerations to consider when looking to take your content strategy to the next level:

The Brand Philharmonic: Contemplate for a minute the powerful ability of music to touch the passions of its fans and you won’t be too far off the feeling of harmony that customers appreciate when consuming content. Taken as a whole, it’s about moving past the point of sale at the bottom of the funnel and creating a relevant experience throughout. So next time you’re crafting a content program, channel your inner conductor and orchestrate a holistic, multi-touch experience that culminates in a masterful symphony.

The Gateway to Your Brand: It goes without saying that your content should be considered an extension of your organization’s brand pillars. Making sure your content not only aligns with best practices in a way that helps clients succeed but also ties back to your company DNA is vital to forging a deep-seated connection. Brand evangelists are the most effective tool a marketer can hope for and seeding this relationship is often how such advocacy is born.

Bite, Snack, Meal: Amidst the proliferation of noise in the social sphere, a marketer must consider innovative ways to serve painstakingly prepared content to a satiated audience. The best way to do this is by ensuring your content is intelligible, digestible and valuable. Try taking the bite, snack, meal approach by optimizing content based on distribution channel, and offering readers progressively longer form content based on their self-selected level of interest.

Know Your Audience: While this may seem obvious, the abundance of marketing insights available today thanks to advanced data analytics means that there is no excuse for content not to be tailored and purpose-built for your audience. Simply put, your content needs to be fresh, relevant and above all meaningful to your readers. And with today’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, marketers are no longer taking a shot in the dark when looking to deliver content effectively. But failing to produce content that is as polished as the marketing opportunity is like showing up to a long-awaited dinner date with nothing to say. A missed opportunity and a terrible impression.

Suffice to say, it was a morning well spent amongst industry luminaries who were only too happy to share from their wealth of experience and expertise, and whose transformative impact on our industry could not be overlooked. Hearing the strategy behind the most cutting-edge marketing campaigns in our field was a thoroughly enlightening experience, and one of many more that I look forward to from the Gramercy Institute.

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