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2015 FinTech Networking and Conference Guide

With the world of FinTech evolving at a record pace, it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything.

Conferences and meetups are a great way to not only hear first-hand from some of the industry’s top innovators what’s on the horizon in the world of financial technology, but also to network and engage directly with the FinTech community.

Rather than provide a list of every single FinTech event that exists, we put together a list of a few of key FinTech events we’ve either attended in the past, and/or are looking to attend this year.

Visit our 2016 guide for this year's list


Bank Innovation 2015:

March 2-3, Seattle

Seattle Bringing together an exclusive community of bankers, VCs, entrepreneur and service providers, Bank Innovation 2015 begins the discussion of the advancement of omni-channel banking. The conference is an invite only event hosted at the Grand Hyatt Seattle explores what the banks of the future should look like. For more information on Bank Innovation 2015, please visit:

Finextra Future Money:

April 21-22, London

With the FinTech evolution, Finextra Future Money aims to lead the conversation on the digital revolution financial services is experiencing how we will be dealing with money in the future. A two day conference in London going on their second year will focus on three themes of Connections, Society and Startups. With the attendee list of numerous high profile banks and innovative startups, this year’s Finextra Future Money is a must attend for 2015. For more information on this conference, please visit:



Spring – May 12-13, San Jose
Fall – September 16-17, New York
Europe – Winter 2016, London

The first, and one of the largest, demo-focused conference series focused exclusively on showcasing the best and most innovative new financial and banking technologies. With 3 main events throughout the year, the Finovate conferences consistently attract large, high-impact audiences of senior financial and banking executives. Following its debut event in New York in 2007, Finovate expanded to San Francisco in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012 and in 2014 launched its FinTech developer-focused series, FinDEVr. For more information about the Finovate conference series, please visit:


NewFinance: Upcoming Meetups

· April 21, New York
· April 23, San Francisco
· May 20, London
· May 26, New York
· May 28, San Francisco

A diverse group entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, academics and other interested parties make up the innovative global network of NewFinance. This network plans meetups throughout the world from New York to Paris to Warsaw to discuss and debate Financial Innovation and Technology. With over 4,500 active members, NewFinance consistently plans influential meetups with high-profile attendees. For more information on NewFinance and their meetups, please visit: 


The Second Annual Fintech Global Expo

May 28 -29, San Diego

A deep dive into the innovation occurring within the fintech industry, with new data releases, a press conference for lending fintech analysts and reporters, special sessions devoted to retail investors and much more. Bring together not only startup and established leaders within the burgeoning fintech industry from the United States, but also introducing groundbreaking international companies who serve some of the largest markets in the world.



October 6-7, San Francisco

Innovative leaders in the FinTech community such as VentureBeat, BlackRock and Wells Fargo will be sponsoring this year’s FinDEVR. Returning back to San Francisco from last year, this dual tracked face paced conference will assemble over 600 builders and engineers that shape the FinTech industry. Presentations will showcase new tools, platforms, API or case studies form FinTech leaders. For more information on FinDEVR, please visit:


FinTech Startups Meetups: Upcoming Meetups

· Spring FinTech Happy Hour – April 30, New York
· May FinTech Startups Meetup - Demo Day – May 6, New York

Following their conference in New York, FinTech Startups will continue to have impactful meetups with thought leaders and the investors. Promoting knowledge sharing and innovation, FinTech Startups aims to bridge the gap between FinTech Entrepreneurs and the investment community. For more information on FinTech Startups and their meetups, please visit: 

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