Cognito employees are energized by an exciting mission

Helping our clients grow and thrive in sectors that are undergoing dramatic transformations. We provide the communications and marketing that is enabling financial, technology and professional services firms compete successfully in their fast-changing markets. Our people are central to making that happen.

We believe that coming to work — whether in the office or remotely — should be fulfilling and fun. We want you to bring your best self to work, learn from your colleagues and deliver brilliant and innovative work for our clients.

It’s all based on the premise that if you enjoy what you do and take pride in the quality of work you deliver for your clients, we’ll be successful together.

Does this sound like you?
Growth Mindset

At Cognito, growth is everyone’s business and drives everything we do. It’s not just growing our revenue and profit (although we do that pretty well), it’s helping our clients grow their business and our people grow their careers.

Being part of a growing and evolving organization, brings with it change and challenges. While Cognito isn’t the right firm for everyone, it is ideal for those who are stimulated by working with creative colleagues from around the world

Here at Cognito, you are free to go as far and as fast as your commitment and talent will take you. We believe there should be no limits imposed on the willing and able.


Our curiosity has given us the capacity to become specialists in our chosen field but also enables us to constantly explore new ways of serving our clients. Curiosity is what took us from PR to Marketing to Digital to Social to Analytics, into new markets and regions, and leads us to continually push the innovation envelope. We are looking for people who are curious, both to understand how something works – like a client’s niche business – and how something can be improved— like a client’s communications program.

Create opportunities

Constantly wonder ‘what’s coming next?’ Not for the sake of it, but because it helps our clients not only navigate change, but lead through it. Be fearless with new ideas to help our clients lead their industries, connect with new audiences, and grow.

Cultivate knowledge

Knowledge and insights power our impact. Our deep expertise across sectors and channels is why clients value us. We are curious, never stop learning, and nurture experimentation. We try new things, share what we know, ask others about what we don’t know, and take risks–it’s about growing our knowledge and value.

Champion excellence

We have standards without being standardized. We strive for excellence but recognize that it’s not ‘one size fits all’, and approach every task as a new opportunity. We take pride in the work we do and recognize wins and results, as well as learning moments. What we do and how we do it is all we have; it’s our reputation.

Connect meaningfully

We build relationships with our clients and colleagues that stand the test of time. As individuals and a highly collaborative global team, we know what matters to our clients and make things happen to meet their needs. We hold each other to account, deliver what we say we will and have fun whilst doing it.

Celebrate difference

We are never afraid to be ourselves. Our different points of view make us stronger; inspiring new ideas, informing better decisions, and increasing innovation. Our future is a diverse and inclusive culture in which every voice counts, every idea is listened to and there are opportunities for everyone. It is how we will keep making the right difference.