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With Sibos going virtual, how can you make the most of one of the biggest financial events of the year?

The conference is usually a time for networking, closing deals, showcasing the latest and greatest innovations and hearing from some of the industry’s leading speakers. While 2020 has definitely disrupted ‘business as usual,’ there’s still an opportunity to make the most of Sibos online this week.

Here are our top five things you should do this week to make the most out of the virtual event:

  1. Respect your calendar.
    Treat ‘virtual Sibos’ like you would have treated the conference in years past; go through the agenda and prioritize the sessions you want to see. Block those times in your diary and give yourself the opportunity to be really present, closing emails and minimize other work distractions for those slots. And be realistic, Sibos is usually a jam-packed calendar of sessions, coffee breaks, runs, evening drinks … but noone wants to spend 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. in front of their screens. Book in break times and give yourself space for other work priorities and pause moments!
  2. Create a mini ‘conference’ set-up.
    Beyond your work priorities, working remotely provides a multitude of other distractions. While your coffee set-up might not be quite as good at home, make sure you have drinks and snacks on hand to keep you going through the event content. Consider watching and joining in with the conference from somewhere other than your usual ‘working’ spot, so it feels different to your day-to-day - but make sure you’ve got the space to be as focused as possible (or keep your headphones handy!).
  3. Get social.
    Don’t just sit there and listen, join in! Ask questions and engage in polls or Q&As throughout the conference. And get stuck into what’s happening outside of the main agenda; try your luck in the Sibos pub quiz, embrace the online networking sessions, or grab a beer and ask some of your connections (old and new) to join you for a happy hour.
  4. Get social (again!).
    Make the most of social media to connect with people through the week. Follow #Sibos and the LinkedIn page and join in with the conversations taking place online. Brands and individuals should share news and content, and use organic and paid social tactics as a way to get in front of the right audiences. On a personal level, you should reach out to your network on LinkedIn and see who else is following the conference; share updates from the event and ask what people are finding interesting as a way to spark conversations.
  5. Think beyond this week!
    As with any event, online or in person, it’s not just the event itself that matters. On an individual level, make sure you’re writing down new names (or connecting straight away on LinkedIn), and be sure to follow up with those people in the following days to keep conversations going. For brands, think about what content you can create throughout this week to share afterwards, and consider how you can re-engage with people you’re reaching this week (use all of the digital marketing and remarketing tactics at your disposal!).


While this week is definitely an adjustment for us all, think of the advantages ‘virtual’ brings:

  • To start with, a much faster travel time!
  • Cost-savings on the usual price of a conference ticket - put that budget to good use and pay to amplify your content online to reach the right people (check out our tips for getting digital here)
  • The chance to hear from the same great speakers, from the comfort of your own home (pajamas optional)


So sit back, get your coffee and laptop at the ready, and see you at #Sibos 2020!

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