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There are an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 tools available for marketing and comms covering almost all disciplines and tasks. Many are incredibly helpful in running more effective strategies and campaigns. As professionals, we need to be aware of what’s available and how to use the most important. This takes time and knowledge which are often in short supply.

AI is accelerating the abilities and array of tools. In truth, we’ve all been using AI for a long time, often without realising it. Large language models have brought it to the fore, but the technological developments have been underway for decades.

We know there will be winners and losers from these technological advances. Skilled and experienced professionals who also know how to use the tools will definitely be in demand. Our belief is that the technologies need to be embraced, treated with caution and used carefully. The issue for most is time and knowledge.

So where to start?


Check whether your organization has guidelines or policy in place. In some companies some AI tools are banned, if so, use tools outside of work carefully. Searching for AI applications to help with your particular role will bring a plethora of tools.

If you don’t yet have guidance, here’s a set of rules to think about:

·         Don’t put confidential client material into the system – it is captured and may be made public

·         Don’t assume accuracy of information or that rights aren’t breached – especially images

·         Beware of the inherent bias the systems may have – they may be unrepresentative of broader cultures

·         Do not use AI to create or spread deepfakes, misinformation or disinformation.

·         Think if we need to disclose to clients if generative AI tools are used in any part of the creative process. 

Sharing knowledge

We are encouraging all our staff to use AI tools following the guidance above. Clearly we are most interested in tools that have particular relevance to our sectors (finance, technology, climate transition). We’ve also created an internal database to share and highlight new tools. Colleagues can add new plugins and applications, and provide feedback based on their experience. If you are interested in accessing this tool please email

There are also thousands of blogs, podcasts, training programs on offer. We are collating the most relevant for our markets and will make these available. We will also be running future education and knowledge sharing sessions based on user experiences. Again, use the email above to register interest. 

What’s ahead

We know clients need good advice and strategy, deep sector expertise and great partners. AI won’t be able to offer the knowledge, skills and experience good advisors can. But it is able to do a huge amount of heavy lifting, research, testing, and much much more. The industry needs to move fast to embrace the potential the machines provide. They are going to radically change our world.

Tom Coombes is the CEO and founder of Cognito