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Just after Easter, 1,200 of Europe’s senior buy-side equities desk heads, trading technology leaders and regulators will descend on Paris for TradeTech, Europe’s biggest equity trading conference.

Despite turbulence from MiFID II and Brexit, the conference has grown year-on-year to become the biggest buy-side equity conference in Europe.

We can access news, data and commentary at the touch of a button, but, despite this, there is no substitute for immersing yourself in a two day conference to hear from peers and leading lights about the changes that will impact you and your business.

Technology moves fast – blink and you’ll miss it, or even worse, fall behind. TradeTech allows delegates to see how technology is progressing to maintain a competitive edge in a constantly evolving market. With such rapid change, it’s vital to see what peers and competitors are doing, and debate what the future holds for the industry’s infrastructure and operations.

What to expect

Regulation, challenging market conditions, accelerating technological progress and political headwinds will make for lively and fascinating debate. Here are the hot topics to look out for at this year’s conference:

  • MiFID II has been transformative for equities. One year on the industry is still adapting to the substantial changes, desks will be looking at how their peers are reacting to the new requirements, the technology available to aid compliance and how these changes will continue to play out.

  • Front, back and mid-office functions are being transformed by technology. While some functions are being replaced by AI, many desks will be asking how they can re-deploy their workforce to drive maximum value.

  • Cost pressure on the buy-side resulting from increased regulation and slowing markets is driving the outsourcing of trading operations. The efficiencies these solutions can offer and, ultimately, cost savings will be important to many attending.  

  • Brexit will inevitably be a point of discussion as the situation evolves and the structure of trading in Europe. With so much uncertainty the industry will be looking to the banks, regulators and politicians to understand how best to prepare for the UK’s impending exit from the EU.

  • Regulation will be at the front of the minds of many. With a line-up of senior regulators from the FCA, ESMA and the European Commission, many will be eager to hear what could be regulated next and identify future pain points.

Swing by the press stand

For the press, TradeTech is a sounding board for industry trends and hear how the market is faring – it’s also a rare opportunity to have so many senior equities professionals under one roof. With leading European newspapers and trade press attending, it’s a great opportunity to meet journalists to discuss what you’re seeing in the market.

Cognito has attended and run the media relations for the conference for the past eight years. This year we’ll be back on the press stand at Le Palais des Congrès – if you’re attending the conference, come by to meet the team for an inside track on what’s being covered or find out how we can help you be part of the debate at an exciting junction in the industry’s history.

Tom Engleback is an account manager in London