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Learning never stops. 

At Cognito, we believe that impactful consultant is one who is continuously working on acquiring and developing skills. 

We hold a series of talks from internal and external experts under our Cognito College banner. Recent topics have included keeping track of the news flow and how to be a better researcher. 

We also recognize that every person is different and has unique need deeds and desires. Cognito provides a stipend to support outside, personalized training. 

To get a better perspective on what this entails, we asked employees from all over the globe to share a story on a beneficial training experience.

Rachel Coulson, account executive

Unlike some of my peers, I came to Cognito without a background in financial services or B2B communications.  I was able to take the Securities Industry Essentials Exam through FINRA which tests basic information including products, risks, the structure and function of the securities industry and its regulatory agencies, and knowledge of regulated and prohibited practices.

Having learned the essentials I am better able to understand media coverage of markets, the fundamentals of global markets, and the regulatory limitations our clients face in their own internal marketing and communications. Learning the fundamental terminology has helped streamline my writing and research.

Cognito also covered the costs of the Kaplan prep course in advance in addition to the exam fee. It was also helpful to be in a classroom setting –  and a great way to expand my learning for my job.

Jon Schubin, vice president

I’ve had one of the more quixotic training experiences at Cognito – learning Russian. I was inspired by a trip many years ago across Siberia, but had been put off by the scale of the challenge. I meekly asked my supervisor at the time if he would agree to sponsor a series of introductory group classes. 

Now three years and literally thousands of grammatical mistakes later, I’m now able to slow plod my way through online news stories. While I’m not able to write a press release (yet) my hard fought/still nascent language skills have been an invaluable icebreaker and a source of much amusement with current and potential clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kirsty Howe, account manager

Something that has stood out since joining Cognito is the opportunity for training and personal development. Knowledge sharing is an important part of this and we regularly get together for lunchtime 101 sessions where someone from the team will present on a particular area of expertise or passion. Past sessions have ranged on everything from Google, improving SEO, to a 101 on fixed income trading and technical updates on regulatory changes. It’s a great way to broaden our skillsets and share learnings across the team!

Natasha Ramsammy, account executive

Cognito gave me the opportunity to complete Google AdWords training this year, which not only benefited me professionally and personally, but also helped contribute to the agency becoming a Google Partner. I gained basic knowledge on the fundamentals of Google Ads, as well as using and implementing campaigns for the search, display, mobile, video, and shopping capabilities on GoogleAds. In order to complete this training in a timely manner, I was also able to complete these courses and examinations on scheduled training days. Thanks to Cognito, I now have the tools and understanding needed to help our agency grow into providing more digital offerings like GoogleAds for our clients!

Francesca Bliss, senior account manager

Cognito gave me fantastic training on international markets. I was seconded to both the New York and Singapore offices and was able to learn from the teams and clients working in different regions. Easily the most valuable training I’ve had. Thank you to the wonderful management team who made it possible. #nextstopamsterdam