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In 2023, Cognito published nearly 80 blogs on its website. These cover a wide range of topics including AI and new tools, Google Analytics, sustainability communications, conferences such as Money20/20, regional media relations considerations, among many others.

Some, of course, can be niche and specialist, while others have broader appeal or happen to be highly topical with what’s happening in the news at that given moment and end up generating impressive readership figures because of that.

This year there was certainly a thirst for AI content and advice on how to use and implement the technology for comms and marketing purposes. This was certainly in evidence when I looked at the performance and popularity of our published content, with AI-focused blogs outperforming.

Here I’ve pulled our top five most read blogs from the year:


I asked ChatGPT to write a press release. Here’s what my manager thought of it – March 15, 2023

By David Asatryan


Metaverse startup Bondee takes Singapore by storm – February 7, 2023

By Ian Lee


Threads: Considerations for Financial Services Marketers from Week One – July 13, 2023

By Hannah Porritt


Incorporating AI into our media training – June 1, 2023

By Sam Barber


Getting on stage at Money20/20 Europe – January 16, 2023

By Viali Munteanu


Honorable mention

Embracing AI and Data: The Future of Marketing and Communications – November 17, 2023

By Zoe Forbes-Pyfrom


Zoe’s blog reporting from our London AI event was published in November and is already one of our most popular content pieces this year.