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Journalists love writing books.  When being interviewed by them, it pays to know if they’ve written a book in the past – knowledge is power, and everyone loves a little flattery. 

Similarly, it’s useful to know what they are writing right now. They may well be thinking about that book as much as the article for the day job they’re interviewing you for. You could, for better or worse, end up in their book. 

Here are 20 business and financial journalists writing books at present. No doubt there are some prestigious ones I’ve failed to spot.  There is no comprehensive database on this to my knowledge, though Amazon and publishers (and Twitter) are helpful. 

Some journalists have confirmed release dates and you can find the titles on Amazon, others are simple assertions on their profiles that they are “writing a book”. Good luck to them all.  Not surprisingly, there’s a fair bit on climate related titles here, and some Covid.  My sense is less fintech than at one time.  

In rough order of likely publication:

Alice Ross, Financial Times

Investing to save the planet

5 November 2020

Max Chafkin, Bloomberg Businessweek

Peter Thiel

14th January 2021

Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrel

The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion

May 4th 2021

Billy Kenber, The Times (London)

Sick Money – the Truth about the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

6th May 2021

Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times

Passive Attack – The Story of a Wall Street Revolution

24 June 2021

Elliott Morris, The Economist

Writing a book on polls and democracy to be published by WW Norton

Fall 2021

Jason Del Rey, Recode

Writing a book on Amazon and Walmart to be published by Harper Business

John Koblin, New York Times

Writing a book about the history of HBO

Nick Kostov, Wall Street Journal

Writing a book about Carlos Ghosn

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Axios

Writing a book on China for HarperCollins

Liz Hoffman, Wall Street Journal

Writing a book on the Covid economic shutdown

Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg

Writing a book on scaling climate solutions

Brendan Greeley, FT

Writing a book on the dollar, to be published by Crown Publishing

Rachel Wolfson, Coin Telegraph

Writing a book on enterprise blockchain

Katherine Clarke, Wall Street Journal

Race to the Sky –  book on NY’s billionaire’s row

Simon Mundy, freelance (ex Financial Times)

Writing a book on “the global race to respond to climate change

Chris Stokel-Walker, freelancer, author of YouTubers

TikTok, China and the Superpower Battle for Social Media

Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal

Writing a book “On how things get from the factory to the front door”

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