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In case you didn’t know, when Elon purchased Twitter, he did so under the name ‘X Corp’ and now he has rolled this branding out across the platform, where once a small blue bird used to perch. 

‘X’ will continue to be the ‘mark’ associated with Musk’s ventures e.g., SpaceX and even now redirecting to However, Musk has noted that this is an interim logo with more to come! 

Why should we care? Why wouldn’t you care about what Elon is doing more to the point? 

Amongst redefining battery technology, driving definite change in the climate crisis, leading humankind to become an inter-planetary species, he’s now taking on the relatively easier task of redefining our media and interaction landscape! 

This interim update could be a steppingstone to signal a shift in the platform’s purpose and output. It could be Elon rolling out a new suite of related products linked to his AI ventures, payments, and media. More-over, it feels like the real reason he invested in the platform is coming to the surface. 

One thing is certain, changes made by Elon are felt across all industries as well as for individuals. 
Speaking from ‘X’ HQ, CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed there will be a rollout of features and potentially linked platforms that will allow people to engage in better and more meaningful ways, including the introduction of a global marketplace for collective thinking.

In a Ted Talks interview last year, Elon scoffed at the latency between the user and digital interfaces. Accelerating automation via aggregation of platforms seems to be firmly in his sights… in lieu of us all getting chipped, of course!