The specialist global agency for finance, technology, and the climate transition

Cognito is an independent global communications agency helping brands manage reputation, handle threats and build value in complex and competitive markets.

Through strategic corporate positioning, clear communications and bold brand building, we enable our clients - from established leaders to startup challengers - to reach and connect with their audiences, protect and build reputations and drive business growth.

Our 100+ active clients include some of the world’s largest organizations, alongside challengers disrupting the status quo. We champion them as they lead the way to sustainable development and a more connected world.

Our team of 80+ consultants around the world bring together 20 languages from 15 countries. With big agency and in-house expertise, they work across corporate communications, PR, digital marketing and social. You can find us on the ground in key financial markets - London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney. Our team infuses local knowledge and culture in our 7 offices, utilizing multi- national resources, the same standards of excellence and a truly global perspective.

Uncertainty is now the only certainty. 

We live in extraordinary times. The unprecedented happens as a matter of course; the impossible is realized on a near daily basis. Inflation is at a four-decade high. Sabers are rattling in the United Nations as the specter of nuclear war has returned to the headlines. 

These current storms are underpinned by accelerating longer-term disruptions posed by the climate crisis, aging populations and new technology that transforms the way we work and live.

For brands operating in this environment, maintaining trust and relevance is harder than ever. Individuals are empowered and suspicious of the corporate world, and politics impinges on financial services. Firms find it tough to know what to say and how to share stories through the noise. They need help. And Cognito can provide it. That’s why we’re working with our clients to communicate what’s next. 

This purpose has been at the core of what we do since we started in the aftermath of the dot-com boom in 2000. It powered us through the Great Recession, Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. We help our clients defend, protect and grow their brands through turbulent periods. 
Together, we communicate what’s next…



We focus on being a trusted partner and strategic advisor to our clients - and ultimately on delivering a fantastic service.

Tom Coombes, CEO