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Media coverage around the climate transition has continued to explode. Everyday, dozens of stories are being written around topics in ESG and sustainability. From international media conglomerates to single author Substacks, we are inundated from all angles.

This is a challenging environment for communicators and marketers to operate in. How do you get cut-through? How do you do this authentically? How do you focus on the sweet spots that are relevant, compelling, and drive impact?

We analyzed thousands of articles between 2020 and 2021 to understand what is getting traction in the media, what have been the shifts and why. We spoke to media in the US, EMEA and APAC, and we picked the brains of communicators and marketers that are at the sharp end of sustainability communications.


Total articles analysed through
a range of sources
Nearly 50%
Increase in YoY mentions of ESG
in major international media outlets in 2021
Increase in mentions of “carbon trading”
in major media in 2021 vs 2020


The overarching observation was that there needs to be a shift towards real solutions that drive climate transition and move us towards net zero.

Our research will go into the detail of these, looking at what gets reported on and why, and what is on the mind of reporters. It canvasses opinion from communicators and business leaders across financial services businesses, including asset managers, banks, asset owners, FinTech, exchanges, financial data and trading businesses.

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