Why is content important?

Content sits at the center of marketing and communications. A recent Cognito survey of senior financial technology marketing professionals found that more than 80% planned to increase their budgets on content this year. Content was the most cited area for additional investment across marketing and communications.

Across the industry, whether someone’s job title involves social media, media relations, the press office or advertising, content is the cornerstone of our role.

All of this speaks to the growing understanding that financial companies need to increase their investment and capacity for creating content. A strong agency partner is an increasingly popular way to do this for companies of all sizes.

What is Cognito’s approach to content?

We believe that the best content is part of a larger strategy aligned to the goals of a business. We work with businesses to drive growth through a sales enabled content experience from idea to execution.

Cognito’s specialization in financial services and technology means we understand the unique challenges of the industry. The sales cycle for investment banks, tech vendors or institutional investors can be measured in months and years. It is critical during this time that potential customers are educated about the potential benefits of working together. We map our content right on top of the sales cycle. A strong content strategy supports the business development and sales team, arming them with information for better conversations and proactively addressing concerns and barriers to sales. We are focused on segmentation and analysis, which includes SEO and keyword analysis.

Content also plays a critical role in maintaining and growing existing relationships. Smart writing can show customers they have a true partner, one who is alert to rising challenges and opportunities for their business. This understanding is the foundation for trust and loyalty, even in a market full of disruption and new choices.


Who writes content at Cognito?

Cognito is unique in its writing capabilities, local knowledge and industry expertise. We are an integrated global communications firm solely focused on finance. We have people who have been inside banks and financial institutions. They understand how to reach senior audiences on a level they care about, in rhythm with their lives. These are writers whose work has been published in national magazines, newspapers and specialty journals. Our geographic reach means we also understand regional nuance. Cognito has offices and writes content from New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney. We also work with writers throughout Europe and Asia, ensuring that the voice is authentic and in tune with what local audiences want. This also includes localizing and adapting campaigns for different audiences.

What are examples of content that we create?

Cognito creates both short and long form content. We are agnostic to format and work with our clients to decide what formats work best for the target audience. We have constantly been on the forefront of new and experimental ways to present information, evolving with our industry.

We’ve created content strategies for large institutional brands and helped startups and speciality companies find their voice. We work with your experts to create brand voice guidelines that are flexible enough to speak to different audiences and events while maintaining a consistent tone. This includes keynote speeches for industry events, white papers and pieces of thought leadership, social media copy and internal marketing.

Cognito has written for clients on most aspects of wholesale financial services and investment and fintech. Areas where we have particular expertise include fixed income, payments, exchanges, ESG and sustainability, blockchain and crypto, FX and derivatives, fraud and money laundering.

Cognito has advised dozens of the world’s leading companies in capital markets, financial services, asset management, fintech and digital assets. Cognito can work with you on developing a content strategy that includes material from across paid, earned, social and owned media.