The key question to ask yourself before deciding to leverage social media as part of your planning is why? Why consider social? Why will it help deliver against my goals?

Have a clear view of your desired outcomes, be they for example brand storytelling goals, business generation by reaching new and different audiences or building your online presence to attract talent. This pre-curser to starting any activity will also guide you on which social platforms make best sense for you to focus on.

Types of Services:

  • Social media strategy including channel-specific approaches
  • Organic and paid social channel management
  • Social listening for audience and competitor insights
  • Community management
  • Measurement and reporting


"Social media is becoming ever-increasingly important for businesses to communicate with their audiences and the market as a whole. The platforms help with driving brand advocacy, and delivering brand value to existing customers as well as to attract new ones.

Cognito’s goal is to ensure our clients within financial services are effectively communicating across the key social media channels where their clients and prospects spend most time."

David Simpson, Head of Marketing Services

Social Media