We work with a diverse range of clients, principally across the financial, professional services and technology sectors.

Because we’ve always worked across both finance and technology, we know how traditional sector definitions are becoming irrelevant. Any bank CEO will say they’re running a tech firm, while big tech and fintech have colonized the intertwined worlds of money and of data.

Our mix of large and small clients is deliberate. We like the varied experience this gives us. Our media outreach is stronger because we talk to reporters about firms with very different stories and angles. We often help growing firms build marketing functions (sometimes seconding our staff). Meanwhile big clients are often looking for programs that can profile new capabilities creatively, reposition parts of their business and accelerate change, connecting more effectively with audiences through social and digital campaigns.

Our role ranges from executive positioning and issues management to targeted marketing campaigns. 


Professional Services

In professional services, we love making thought leadership attractive to top media, while cognisant of the reputational caution often needed.  We’ve been a strategic partner for real estate, consulting, human capital and technology firms to build their brands, raise awareness and engage with key communities.  Transparency and ethics are active areas for us at present.

Exchanges, trading platforms & market infrastructures

We’ve a long track record with exchanges, trading platforms and market infrastructures, including exchange-traded product launches, electronification and HFT.  We’ve also advised how to interact with the conversations reporters and commentators now have on social media, in areas like fixed income and commodities.

Commercial & Investment Banks

Commercial and investment banks are innovating in the face of unyielding cost and compliance pressures. Our work for banks includes promoting specialist and structured finance teams, and profiling payments innovation and blockchain. We’ve worked on sustainability campaigns, and marketing investment analysts and economists into broadcast media is core to our role with several clients.

Financial advisors & wealth managers

Financial advisors and wealth managers face a paradigm shift: investment professionals are increasingly scrutinized and disintermediated as consumers have more “do it yourself ” opportunities than ever. We promote a wide variety of active and passive strategies (and smart beta), helping position PMs and attract AUM.  We’re busy with Robo and scalable wealth management platforms.


We have extensive experience making financial technology firms stand out, especially around risk, trading, data and transaction banking.  With over 20 Fintech clients, we help players craft a compelling narrative and determine the most cost-effective mix of activity for that vital first two years.  

Big Tech

For Big Tech, our recent work includes story telling around data centres and cloud-based offerings, and building out the content and assets for major providers to stand out in specific FS sub-sectors.

Retail Finance

In retail finance the challenge for both established and start-up companies is how to get past the drone of get-rich-quick pitches and flashy advertising to connect with clients. Our integrated communications break through the noise by generating paid, earned, owned and social media opportunities that help retail financial services players stand out.


In insurance we’ve been active in promoting new lines of business and in assisting clients to explain the somewhat siloed insurance and reinsurance arena to broader audiences.