Media Training

Talking to the press can be intimating, and for good reason. Journalists, whether they are reporters, producers, print journalists, editors, commentators or hosts, have the ability to ask any question they want, then subjectively select whatever they see fit from the conversation and disseminate it to thousands—if not millions—of people.

Danger is ever present, which is why it is crucial for a corporate media spokesperson to be prepared. We have offered media training at Cognito since the formation of our agency more than 10 years ago. Our most popular introductory course takes future spokespeople through the basics of messages, transitions, ground rules and nailing that exact quote. More than 200 executives across four continents have used our training as the basis for thousands of media conversations.

We also offer customized training courses to groups of executives, as well as in-depth live-camera training, featuring professional camera equipment, recording and live playback.


Contact us to see what we can design to meet your training challenge.

Media Training Contacts

Charlie Morrow

Associate Director



Jon Schubin

Vice President



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