We’re looking ahead to a busy conference season with Money20/20 in Las Vegas and Sibos in Amsterdam in October. There's not much time left. Are you ready?

We’re here to help you make the most out of these events. We take a strategic approach with a campaign that includes pre, during and post event activity along with constant engagement and calls to action.

Here we have listed a few ways to tighten up your conference planning. Get in touch to see how we can help you. 

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For help and support with your event planning contact Paul.Bowhay@cognitomedia.com or get in touch with your local team here.


An event planning checklist:

  • A keynote by your CEO / other speaking opportunities
  • Media connections
  • News announcements
  • Collateral
  • Branding and booth design
  • Interactive experiences
  • Digital & social amplification

Heading to Sibos or Money20/20?


• Book sponsorship and speaking packages for experts in your team

• Get your creative juices flowing – determine your visual theme for the event

• Nail your objectives. Make sure you and your stakeholders define success


• Clarify the story you want to tell. What news or content can you share?

• Make sure speakers are clear on presentation topics, along with key themes to weave into discussions


• Pre-pitch media and set up crucial meetings between sessions

• Engage in the social conversation. Promote attendance to help set-up meetings in advance

• Collect assets and materials for distribution on the conference floor


• Prepare for your media engagements – interviews, background conversations, or recorded content

• Ramp up your social amplification and have a plan in place to engage live during the event

• Make sure your team is armed with content and goodies to engage people on the ground


• Report, report, report on what you and your team achieved

• Follow-up with new contacts and keep the conversations going online

• Transition into a direct marketing campaign designed to convert new leads


5 ways to make an impact

1. Who are the influencers that you need to engage with to elevate your message?

Develop a foundation to build engagement. Research influencers and stakeholders to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter. Online listening helps contextualize the current conversation and find influencers that you should engage with onsite.

2. How are you warming up your target audience before the face to face?

Being front of mind for your target audience is crucial. Social targeting tools like LinkedIn Matched Audiences help hone-in on priority audience, aligning with account-based marketing activities and existing CRM data.

Engage these targets across multiple touchpoints and put a mix of content in front of your audience. Have experts share thoughts on the event themes or what to expect onsite. By aligning to the topics of the agenda, and the pain points of your customers, you can deliver a relevant and timely call to action.

3. What’s your PR strategy to ensure coverage and brand awareness?

Tell your company story and stand out against your competitors. Be authentic, have a purpose, clarify your culture, and relate to your audience. Create a compelling news story whether it’s a launch of a new solution or your latest thought-leadership that will interest the media and resonate with your target audience. For journalists attending the event, time is precious so it’s crucial to provide a compelling reason to engage.

A record number of accredited journalists came to Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this year. Las Vegas is in on a similar track. Identifying key relationships, both new and existing, and opportunities to connect.

4. How can you own the online conversation?

Develop daily wrap up blogs that summarize the key sessions. Bring your point of view to the forefront. Don't just say what happened – explain why it matters to your audience. Distribute short form content across channels to boost engagement and increase share of voice.

5. How can you extend the life of your content beyond the event?

Taking a strategic approach to conference engagement will help nurture leads and build profile over a longer period. Most businesses overlook the importance of the post-event content and follow up. We recommend developing video footage during the event to use afterwards. Think about how you can gather data too, for example sentiment from your buyer community to share in innovative ways after the event.